Bad Actors


We are a creative management, and music production team. Our Creative Council is a Toronto based network of producers, tastemakers, and artists currently active in the worlds of music, film, and photography. We work together to aid the creation, development, and management of artistic identities and endeavors. Our goal is to help enhance the creative output of the artists and musicians that we work with by ensuring that they are effectively representing themselves, their art, and their brand both musically and visually.


We are very aware of the fact that more than ever before, visual representation of an artist and their work is a key component to the way that their music is shared, received, and interacted with. We collaborate with artists with any level of experience, practicing within any genre of music, at any point in the development of their project. From songwriting and production straight through to the creation of music videos, photography and visual campaigns, we pride ourselves on our experience and ability to utilize the talents of those working with and around us to create a perfect marriage between sound and vision.

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